For meetings there where the city meets the farmlands

Business meetings

Fruittuin van West has a great meeting area with its own garden and views over our orchard. It comes with a beamer, chalkboard and good wifi. The ideal spot for a day of brainstorming, meetings or to hold a presentation. We arrange the area according to your wishes and group size.

For small business meetings in the middle of all the green, we offer our Raathuis (honeycomb house). A cosy and special building made out of loam. At the meeting table you can seat 7 people or if you want to keep the 1,5 meter distance then there is space for 4. The house comes with good wifi, a monitor and a flip over. You can also reserve coffee, tea and lunch to be served here. But of course you can also choose to stretch your legs and take a walk around and have lunch served on another spot in the orchard.

good to know: there is a tap and sink in the Raathuis and a small heater. If you or your guests need to use the bathroom then you need to take a short walk over to the restrooms of the café. The nice thing about this location is that it is located right in the middle of the 6,5 ha green. Perfect to stretch the legs and clear the mind between meeting sessions and breaks.

Food and drinks

Hospitality and good food and drinks are very important to us. We think these are essentials for a successful meeting. Here at the Fruittuinen van West we are personal, flexible and if needed we of course like to give our input on how to make your meeting even more successful. Coffee tea bites and lunches can be provided in our meeting rooms or on locations in and outside our Tuincafe. We only work with organic certified products. All of our food looks tempting and tastes delicious.

Business get togethers

Are you looking for a fun location for your staff get togethers or party? We have plenty of great locations to hold these. Like our Tuincafe our (covered) inside garden or Orchard. We would love to hear your wishes and ideas in order to send you a personalised quote.

Daily program

Why not make a day of your business meeting and add an activity? We have plenty to offer like a tour around our business, fruit picking (in season) bridge building or a pruning workshop.

We are in good contact with our neighbours who specialize in team building activities. Of course we are more than happy to bring you into contact with them if you wish.

Do you have your own program in mind? Let us know what you would like and we will put the area together according to your wishes.

The Fruittuin van West has enough free parking

For more information on meetings and get togethers please contact us at

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