For all your shopping needs, located within nature

Our shop remains open throughout the year for groceries, opening times from Tuesday till Sunday are 10:30 till 18:00 hours. We find it important to be able to offer healthy and fresh products to our clients all the time.
We top up our vegetables a couple of times a week, mostly with veggies from our farmer friends otherwise from the bio-wholesale.

All our products are organic or organic-dynamic certified. Besides a large selection in our basic assortment, we also offer a lot of extra’s, our Fruittuin Favourites for instance: Hung yoghurt from care farm ‘Ons Verlangen’ in Amsterdam or milled flour from ‘Zonnespelt’ in Lelystad.

We select our products based on their taste and quality

Our veggies are mostly bought from our farmer friends. Once a week we visit them and take home the products we want. We also sell (if there is enough) products that have been grown in our own orchard at PLUK!. Of course, we like to choose local products because these are by far the best. A lot of these farms you can visit yourself or get to know better by asking us about them.

We often have some nice extras from our own farm like Blossom branches, chicory to grow at home, or mushrooms from our own cave. After a good life in the orchard you will also find our livestock in the shop. Our free-range chickens, pigs and cattle have all been grown and fed on our own land. As you see we are very transparent about our animals, and they are very close by.

As seasons change, so will the ready to pick fruit in our orchard and the fresh products in our shop, to be able to keep offering a large assortment throughout the year, we get our vegetables from a little further away when the seasons change, for instance, if the Dutch tomato season is over we rely on the Spanish ones to bring the sunshine to our shelves.

Organic and Demeter

Our shop is 100% organic. We select our products on taste, quality and origin. The organic certificate is just as important to us. This certificate shows us that the product comes from a controlled organic cultivation or production.

Most of our farmer friends where we gather our veggies for the shop, have a Demeter certificate. When a product has a “organic-dynamic” quality it carries the Demeter quality mark. To receive and keep the Demeter quality mark, specific requirements need to be met by the farmer, like cultivation method, tillage, tool usage and animal husbandry. Storage, processing and packing of the product are also taken into consideration. The requirements for “organic-dynamic ” go one step further than those of just organic. An example of this is Demeter milk, this milk is not homogenized meaning that the fat parts in the milk are not artificially reduced. Any manipulation of a food item can influence it’s nutritional value, freshness and naturalness in a negative way.